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High Frequency Trading


These are my favourite trading systems.

If you google HFT you will find a lot of resources about this argument, banks invest thousands of dollars for the algorithmic software. This is not the future but already a reality today, but it seems that in the future there will be more and more liquidity in the HFT trading.

Anyway…forget all the things you heard about popular EA that works with HFT, these kinds of software do not work, the bank’s software is not an EA that cost 100$, they invest hundreds of thousands of dollars here.

So in this way I like invest in some PAMMs that work with this high tecnology, the profits are good and the risk is very low because the positions are closed in a matter of seconds. In this way you aren’t exposed to the volatility of the market.

That Algo trading 99,99% is flat, and the trade happens ONLY if there’s a really nice chance to close in profit. 

For these reasons I like them.


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LITERATURE: “High-frequency trading in the foreign exchange market”



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High Frequency Trading