Only Low Risk – Low Drawdown Investments

Identikit of the best managed account


This is what I prefer in an account :

1 – Low Drawdown (obvious)

2 – Short time in the market: I like the High Frequency Trading because they usually are flat and not exposed to the volatility of the market.

3 – Very Selective Trading: The main time is flat and stay in the market very few times.

4 – The equity line is usually over the balance line: " Let the profit run and close soon the losing positions ". 


Example: If you find graphic like this…contact me! Usually, I mean 99,99% of the graphics you see the yellow line under the balance. This means that the losing positions are held open more than the winning positions.

In this exampe the trader cuts the loss and let the profit run!

(In this case is not a High Frequency Trading)


best managed account