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Which is The Best?


So a lot of offers about managed accounts, but which is the best?

Every time we’re bombarded by messages that tell us to invest in some funds and they show incredible performances.

In my long experience in this world I contatted many managers throught their website, they assured me that the performances were stable and good, at the beginning of my career as investor I’m not embarassed ammitting that I lost a lot of money believing in what some managers show me.

Now after trials and errors, I can say that there was someone in good faith, they had nice performance time ago but market changed and if you are not flexible enough to adeguate to the market a winning strategy can transform in a losing strategy.

Other managers I’m sure they were simply scammers! Yes they say “You pay me only if the accounts is in profit” unfortunately I never pay them the performance fee because since the first days the strategy was a total failure.

So what they gain? In this case nothing, but they risk your money and the only one that lose are only you. I think it’s a good game risk other people money, no risk anything in case of losses but pretend a profit if the things go well!

So as a matter of fact the first thing is to find honest persons and I say again find honest managers!

This is the thing most important, because this world is full really full of scammers, persons that risk other people money and don’t care anything of our money.

So they put a robot in account that take a risk of 99% of the account, maybe the fund give you the impression to gain because you have 10/20% of gain for some months but in reality you’re sitting on a bomb that in a moment or other will blown up your account! This is what happends to a lot of managed accounts.

So one day after some months of good gain (you pay to the “manager” the 35-50% of the gain) you open your PC and in your account you see this amount : $0 !

You write to your manager but he no answer you back, he already gain some thosuands of $ from your account but now he don’t want take any responsability about what happend. Maybe he answer you telling ” Guy this is the market!”

And he still continue with the same system with other guys… believe me… a lot of managers that make a lot of money in this fraudolent way.