Only Low Risk – Low Drawdown Investments

Why not so many accounts here?


Why? For some reasons. 

Surfing in internet we have to choose around thousands if not millions of trading funds and strategies. There are tons of websites promoting a lot of investments.

This website is not born to be a part of the miriad of websites that are just a big HYPE in the world of forex. I'm not a genius, I have just a so long experience in this game that I know how the things works. And if you have my experience or maybe you have more, you can confirm that to find a nice investment is really a hard job.

If what 99% of the websites tell was real we were already all millionaires.

So I don't want be a part of that Hype.

In this web I just explain my thinking, I hope that this can help newbies to avoid some errors and save time and money. I explained for free my metodology and how and why to choose a fund.

But this is just me, there are people that are more "gamblers" than me and maybe they're lucky enough to gain. Anyway we come back to the difference between a gambler and an investor.

The real problem is that many people don't know how much risk involve a strategy, they simply are distracted by the high performance of the fund.

So you hear " last month I gained 2.000 " or  " I made 30% of profit ", having a nice performance is a good things but if you make it risking 90% of the account is this a wise investment?

In the investment nothing is sure at 100%, but the conservative accounts shows that you can manage the risk in order to have a nice profit with a really low risk.

And this is the best way to invest the large part of your savings.

When you trust in a conservative fund you don't need to have a lot of accounts, 3-5 funds can be enough to split and deposit 1 million of dollars.

So you really don't need to test many strategies and lose a lot of money (and time).




Many scammers don't show you the real performances, other show you a real track of some months of gain and after you fund the account play another strategy, more leveraged and more risky, just because they don't have anything to lose.

The vast majority of websites that talk of incredible performances are scammers that want gamble with your money.

Unfortunately you understand that you're in a very risky fund when it's too late and your money is already lost. For this reason is very important you make a really good due diligence, as I talk in this website.

There are some really conservative funds: you can stay relaxed because your account is like a bond!


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