Only Low Risk – Low Drawdown Investments

Individual Account


Some managers do not have Pamm, they ask you to trade your account.

In this way you have to give them your personal passwords.

At first I was scheptical because I don't like too much give the passwords of my accounts to other people, anyway now I have some of my accounts traded in this way and I didn't have any problem.

The broker can send money only to the same person of the account and so even with the password your manager can't withdraw money, so the security is pretty high, I still continue to prefer Pamm because even the performance fee is automatically generated by the broker. With your individual account you have to pay the manager separately with Paypal, Skrill, wire transfer or other ways. And if you're late they stop the trading obviously.

Anyway the rigid anti-laundering law that doesn't permit to the broker to send money to a different person seems a nice guarantee that your money stay in your account.