Only Low Risk – Low Drawdown Investments

Pros and Cons

A lot of choises on Internet about websites that sell signals, I always have been in a lot of forums talking about the best signal providers and so on. Anyway as a matter of fact the problem with some signal providers is that many times the performance of the provider is different from the performance you have in your account, and many people complain about this problem, why?

Because any broker has a different execution and furthermore there's a delay between the signal provider and the receipt of the order.  

So you have to deal not only with the strategy but with a lot of factors that doesen't depend from you and the manager.

In this way even a profitable strategy can become a loss strategy. For this reason I don't like too much this philosophy.   In a Pamm you don't have to be worried about these problems and so execution is in total charge of the manager, a smart manager choose also the best broker to play safer the strategy.

So you don't have to be worried about the good execution of the trading.   With many signals providers you have also to maintain a Vps in order to have open your platform 24/24Hrs and so on, with a Pamm you can stay with no Pc at all, everything is mainteined by your manager.

So with a Pamm you really have a total passive income because you do not have to mantain a Vps with low latency, check if something was wrong like a trade was no copied for wathever reason, execution delay of your broker and so on…. many many things to check and less work.