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Big Drawdown : Phantom EA Case Study


Are you attracted by a fund that show you incredible profits ? Let's see what happened to this REAL ACCOUNT.

It seems that some accounts can't lose… they simply gain month after month… so why don't join in?

But let's see what happened next…. this time the publisher doesn't cancel the system, so now we can see what happened and in which situation we were if we invested our hard saving money inside!

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Imagine you watched this system, now we are in November 15 and the system works awesome, 800%… incredible!!! So after around 6 months very few losses and we're approaching to invest in a system that seems really good!

Ok we invest $10000 a part of our capital on December.


So as you can see in the graphic on Jan. 15, after one month and 15 days we gain 40%, not bad, as we invested $10.000 now we have around $14.000 so $4000 of profit and this in just around one month!


We are excited ! Maybe we're also tempted to add more $ to this investment (human nature is incredible), but for now we decide to keep the original investment and the gain too as we want compound.

Let's see now what happened in the next days…..




Oh my God!! What happened?? In just 15 days we have a so large drawdown??




So now what about our money?

On 15 Jan we had $14.000 now after -76% of loss we have : $3.360.

This account is from myfxbook at this link:

So you can check the progress in real time ( if you don't find the usual message:Sorry, but this system was deleted by it's creator! )

I love read Myfxbook and what people say there, many people was entusiatic about this system, indeed many months with a good gain. But the question is:

Which kind of strategy has this system?

Many systems out there claim to have a really good strategy but the reality is that if you see a system with few BIG losses and some gains you have to start to doubt about it!

And so this is why I laugh when I hear newbies say " I gain 30% last month " and maybe they are in the system just from one month!

Anyone has the right to put the money where he wants, anyway are you an investor or a gambler?

And put the money in some funds is like to go to casino and you know the story.. most of the time you go out without a penny…but at least you had some fun!

So if you're an investor and you want INVEST your hard earned money and savings be very careful. I like Myfxbook because I can see the graphic, as you can imagine I don't look to much at the profit but I look more at the drawdown.

In my humble opinion the investment has to be like a marathon and not a sprint, what is the advantage to have an investment that one month gain 20% and the month later loss the 40%?

Or have an account that risk more than 50% of the balance?

In the strategy you've seen you do not have to be an expert to see that this kind of strategy give the illusion to be a winner strategy, if you see the list of the trades you see that the stop is 250 pips and take profit is only 10 pips so obvious you have a lot of winner trades but this is not trading this is gamble. Get 10 pips risking 250 it's simple absurd! Anyway there were some people that were investors with real money in this strategy. So the graphic it's useful but there are other things behind the graphic we must consider.