Only Low Risk – Low Drawdown Investments

Peace of Mind


This is one important factor. When you put your savings in a trusted conservative account you can sleep well. You don't need to check like a maniac the performances or be worried asking " Will I lose my important capital "?

You know well some hedge funds accept only big amount of money as 100.000$ in a single account, but if you have only 10.000$ and these are all your savings losing 5000$ can be very dangerous for your mind.

The problem with the vast majority of the managed accounts is that they incur many times in big drawdowns, so even if at the end the account recover the drawdown how you feel if you see that you're loosing an half or maybe more?

Many people get out to some funds just when they lose a big percentage of the account just to see that maybe later the fund recover, and this make angry them twice!

With a low drawdown strategy you can stay in peace of mind, as you don't lose to much money even in bad times you don't need to get out and test another fund adding other risk to your capital.

So a low drawdown investment is a smart choice not only for your pocket but more important for your mind and your health.