Only Low Risk – Low Drawdown Investments

Smart Passive Income: Real Estate


A really smart passive choice is having a set of low risk investments.

Real estate can be fine but when there's a crisis all the capital invested lose value and the problem is that you must wait to have your cash back.

With a managed account you can have your cash back just in one day, so it's a very liquid investment, sell a house is different and require much more time.

Usually the alternative investments like forex/futures managed accounts are considered very speculative and very risky. What I try to explain in this web is that in 99%  of cases this is true but there is a very small portion of managed accounts that are less risky even than real estate investing.

Talking about these selected conservative accounts you have ONLY more benefits than investing in real estate.

1- If there's a crisis of real estate you can have a sostantial loss ( in terms of managed accounts a "Big Drawdown" ) and as we talk of houses it means a large amount of money.

2- A house require more work in terms of maintenance and other commitments

3- In these managed accounts you are not obliged to invest a quite big amount of money, you can start from 5.000$ or even less.

4- You have IMMEDIATE access to your money, is one of the more liquid investment that you can have.

5- The risk of the investment is much lower.


smart passive income


Obviously I don't talk about managed accounts in general, if you do not have the knowledge and experience, investing in these accounts can be the worst experience in your life and you can destroy your capital in a short time.

The funds that I advise here are where I personally invest and are very few because find serious accounts that are profitables with a very low risk require a lot of time of research. But the point is not to have many accounts but to have very few selected accounts where you can put from 1000$ to 1 million of dollars.

Anyway…. when you find that kind of account you can reach the wealth that you desire risking the less possible, the point is that we want gain but we don't want risk and we don't want be worried about losing our hard earned money!