Only Low Risk – Low Drawdown Investments

Hammered by a big drawdown or scammers


When you loose a big part of your capital caused by a big drawdown you feel very bad, some people decide to give up to this kind of alternative investments like managed forex or managed futures.

Indeed before start to make money I had the same experience and the real fact is that 99% of the people have the same negative experience.

You can feel like a stupid because on the net there's so many hype on make money with these istruments that it seems that everybody make money a part you.

In reality the true is :

To make a good choice you need to know how to read a graphic and stats. But this is the very BASIC, than you will discover that there are many other factors behind the graphic to take in consideration.

Anyway don't give up. There are few accounts that can give you a lot of satisfaction.

So I can really say that there are very lucrative investments with a very low risk, it's just really hard find them!


Find a fund with all the right criteria is hard, but when you found it you have a treasure!

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