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Forex Managed Scam: System Deleted!


How many times you heard on the web about really impressive results of some forex managed accounts…" incredible I made more than 30 % last month! ", sometime it seems that everyone is making money… so we are all stupids that we are the only ones who not become rich in a very short time ?

But tell me…. how many time in Myfxbook you see this page?




So what happend??? Why so fantastic managed accounts or Expert Advisor after some time they simply disappear? They were so wonderful….

The real story is that many robots or managed accounts make money only for who promote them!

Who sell EA make money selling them not in the forex market, and many " Forex Managers " take incredible risk with YOUR money … so in case the things go well you have to pay them a commission, but when the things go wrong the only one that lose money is you!