Only Low Risk – Low Drawdown Investments

Only REAL performances : Take a look

In Myfxbook website you can check the performances of my accounts.

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Now just some explanations about the change in my investment.

As I said Perfecto funds have been good and no problem with 3Tgfx that is the broker where the funds are allocated. But I made some considerations :

1 : The risk of the fund is low, very low drawdown, but as the performance fee of the fund have been increased a lot and now is of 50% this means that if the fund make an average of 2% per month your net gain is only of 1% so is not so impressive as long you don't find something better…..

2 : Broker regulation : 3Tg is regulated in New Zealand, this kind of regulation is not so good like Fca,Cysec or Australian regulation.So lastly I have invested in broker with a stronger regulation.

Anyway when you have the chance to find some managed accounts with a BIG gain and a LOW drawdown you can forget about a modest 1% montly. You can check by yourself the performances in the Myfxbook Link and you can see that a 20% or more in one month with a drawdown close to 0 is very good.

Accounts marked as " TestHF# " are accounts that work with high frequency trading algo, the beauty of these accounts is that the trade last few minutes, sometime few seconds. The vantage is that usually you're not in the market with open positions and so you're not exposed to the volatility of the market… this is the REASON of why so many managed account have a so big drawdown and you risk to lose your capital in just one day.

The Hyper Conservative Pamm is a really conservative managed account, it works with just 2 strategies :

1 – Scalping on breakout

2 – Trend strategy

The beauty of this managed account is the philosophy behind it :

Cut soon your losses and let the profit run !

I'm still in test with this Pamm, anyway I like the strategy, remember that many managers try to attract people and show incredible performances, this kind of accounts can destroy your account in just one day because they do not use stops.

In this pamm you have always stop and take profit is always bigger than stop, so exactly the contrary of the majority of managed accounts.

If you're interested to have more info about these kind of Low Risk Investment please fell free to contact me by mail or Skype, you can find my details in the home page of this website and I can help you for free. And you can contact me also if you want report other managed accounts SERIOUS that you know. It would be good collaborate to find good opportunities and furthermore avoid scams!