Only Low Risk – Low Drawdown Investments



This is a MUST at least for me having had bad experiences:


1- Never and I repeat NEVER take in consideration strategy that show you tables with performances but they not show you the proof in website like Myfxbook, Fxstat for instance.

In the world of Hedge Funds or Commodity Trading Advisor ( CTA programs ) you have all the documentation with performances, drawdown and a lot of data, transparence is the key.

With many forex managed accounts you do not have statistic approved by third party or website like where you can see how the things goes in real.

So you MUST see the reality, not promises. And so if someone propose you an investment and show some results ask him to show the results in a trusted website.

Sometime there are some websites with a so high quality and they have a good marketing plan so can be tempting believe in what they tell you.

You can watch a short video to see what I mean in the post: ” Video: Promises of 99% of websites “

There are many other things to know in order to make a good decision when you put your hard earned money.

For this reason I wrote a guide with a lot of pratical advises in order to avoid to lose money due to gamble strategies or scammers.

Make money with managed accounts is possible, it is just NOT EASY if you don’t have a good system in place!

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